What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
- Jane Goodall

Our Films

The Last Bumblebee

The Last Bumblebee explores the decline of bumblebee populations such as the “Franklin’s Bumblebee”, and the impact it could have on our environment. “Franklin’s Bumblebee’ is considered critically endangered with its last sighting dating back to 2006. This has led search parties to embark yearly on a hunt for remaining bees of the species.

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The solution based documentary features interviews with scientists, and environmentalists who discuss the importance of bumblebees as pollinators and the various threats they face, including habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change. The Last Bumblebee is a powerful call to action, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all living things and the importance of preserving our natural world.

Plastic Earth

Plastic Earth is a thought-provoking documentary that delves into the global issue of plastic pollution and its impact on our planet. The film takes us on a journey across the globe, examining the scale of the plastic waste problem and its impact on ecosystems, wildlife, and human health.

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In opposition to the fatalistic view that is often found within similar environmental documentaries, the film shows viewers the many innovations being made around the world to save our planet. The documentary offers insights into the ways in which we can reduce our plastic use and support a more sustainable future. By raising awareness and inspiring change, Plastic Earth is a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility to protect the environment and build a better future for generations to come.​

Capturing the Carbon

"Capturing the Carbon: A Journey to Net Zero" follows host, Rob Riggle, on a journey to understand how innovators plan to accomplish net zero by 2050. This six part docuseries follows the pattern of the production company's prior films, by focusing on the environmentally friendly inventions that are being created and implemented on a worldwide scale.

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Riggle will take viewers with him as he travels around the globe to learn about the possibilities for a greener and safer future. These high level concepts will be made accessible through comedy and the ever-present solution oriented outlook expected from 2050 Pictures.

The Grand Pandemic

This thought-provoking documentary exposes the alarming rise of antibiotic resistance, shedding light on the quiet war unfolding within the microbial world. Unveiling the magnitude of the crisis, the film showcases groundbreaking research, personal stories, and expert insights illuminating the dire consequences of antimicrobial resistance.

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Viewers are confronted with the stark reality that the drugs we once considered invincible are losing their power to combat infections, leaving humanity vulnerable to untreatable diseases. Driven by a sense of urgency, the documentary also highlights innovative solutions and global initiatives striving to turn the tide against this silent enemy. Through captivating visuals and expert interviews, viewers witness the relentless pursuit of new therapies, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative antibiotic development, all dedicated to ensuring a future free from the threat of untreatable diseases. "The Grand Pandemic" invites viewers to grasp the magnitude of the crisis, leaving us with a powerful call to action to contribute in the fight against antibiotic resistance for the sake of generations to come.​

Triggered: The Deadly Cost of Gun Violence

The "Triggered: The Deadly Cost of Gun Violence" is a powerful new documentary that examines the growing epidemic of gun violence in America. It presents a stark contrast between America's gun issue and that of other countries.

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The film sheds light on the fact that gun violence is a uniquely American problem, with statistics that are vastly different from those of any other nation. While gun violence is a tragic issue that affects many countries around the world, America stands out as a country where the problem is particularly pervasive and deadly. The documentary delves into how America's culture and unique history shape its relationship with guns, and why this makes it particularly challenging to address the issue of gun violence.

The film features interviews with academically acclaimed individuals who provide insights into why gun violence is more prevalent in America compared to other countries. At its core, "Triggered" is a call to action, urging viewers to confront the deadly consequences of gun violence and to work towards solutions that can make our communities safer. Through a nuanced and balanced approach, the film offers a fresh perspective on one of the most pressing public health issues of our time.

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Who we are

We are an environmental film company dedicated to creating impactful films that inspire positive change for our planet.

Why we do this

In an age where environmental issues are becoming more prominent, we strive to make new solutions accessible to our audiences.


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